Personal information protection

Glass Beads, Ltd. is a manufacturer as well as a seller of glass beads and other products.  It means we cope with different kinds of personal data, as regards staff, business partners or other persons. So we are obliged to comply with the EU regulation 2016/679 dated April  27th, 2016 – GDPR General data protection regulation.

We aim to provide the security to our staff, business partners and other bodies if their personal data are processed and to prevent their misuse.

We are gathering the details about our business partners and other bodies (consultants, state administration officials, local administration officials,…) only necessary for activities (sales, purchase, inspection,.. ) and we do not use it for other purposes. We strictly follow the GDPR regulations. We keep the personal data for 5 years period since the last order execution or since the last data treatment.

Based upon your purchase on our online shop we kindly ask you to provide us your approval to cope with your personal data in terms of the following form. Your above personal data are necessary to execute your orders successfully. We comply with the EU regulation 2016/679 under the abbrev. GDPR.