About us

Glass beads, Ltd. is a family owned company with a long tradition, one of the leading Czech manufacturers of glass beads. We supply our products to dozens of countries all over the world. Our assortment is focused on the production of the fire polished beads, pressed, crackled and cut beads.

We are the manufacturer of the unique beads ZOLIDUO® and VEXOLO®.

We have been actively designing new shapes as well as the coatings of the beads bearing into our account the last market information and thus we have been presenting new arrivals in our bead range.

The company has been operating on the market since 1998, transformed into a limited liability company in 2004. Glass beads, Ltd. is a family owned company following the tradition of glass beads production in Jablonec nad Nisou and Železný Brod regions.

We pay great attention to environmental protection and pay huge effort to minimize the negative impact of its production on all aspects of the environment.

All of the produced waste is treated in accordance with the valid legislation, the Waste Act and the implementing provisions. The waste is only handed to legal or physical entities which are authorized to carry out commercial activities as operators of facilities for the use, elimination, collection or purchasing of the designated type of waste. The waste is correctly categorized, labeled sorted and stored within special areas in our factory.

Waste gases from the production technology are minimized and released into the atmosphere in accordance with the Air Protection Act. Operating regulations have been applied for the given sources of air pollution and approved by the appropriate authorities.

Chemical substances are handled according to valid directives. Safety measures and rules approved by the Regional Hygiene Office have been kept up for the required chemical substances and safety sheets are available for the used chemical substances. The staff is regularly trained in handling with chemical substances and mixtures.